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Do you have Social Networking Etiquette?
By Barbara Bray    February 3, 2008 -- 08:36 AM

I keep adding myself to more and more social networks. I twitter, post on Facebook, keep tags, connect on LinkedIn, etc. etc.  I know that my children, my nieces and nephews use Facebook daily. Watching what they and their friends post, I wonder if they realize that the world is watching. Alison Miller wrote in her blog Connecting in a Connected World her questions about Facebook and SNet-iquette:

We need to teach people about SNet-iquette (Social Network ettiquette), and the positive and negative effects of their online ’behaviour’, and how they are creating an online ’digital foot print’.

I believe educational institutes should be ’leading the way’ in educating people about these things. Therefore, by encouraging staff and students to use these sites as educational tools, we are encouraging the conversations necessary for people to work out what is, and what is not, appropriate in an online environment.

SNS are new to a lot of Lecturers and Administrators, as they might not necessarily use these sites themselves - so we should be providing them with some Professional Development - so they can lead their students into making the best decisions about how to use these sites.

Trying to keep up with all of the social networking tools is not easy. I’m hiring students and asking my children for ideas, questioning them how they use these tools, and trying to figure out how educators and administrators can use these tools to support what they do.

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