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Is the Bologna Process what U.S. needs?
By Barbara Bray    May 22, 2009 -- 08:55 AM

The Bologna Process, named after the Italian city in which it was created, allows students and professors to attend or work at universities in the 46 participating countries. European leaders think the process will increase competitiveness and attract top international scholars.

Can the United States benefit from the Bologna Process or is it falling behind Europe?

Universities in the participating countries still have varying levels of quality. Some students are better prepared for college than others. The Bologna Process allows students from any of the participating countries to attend universities and graduate in three years.

Are European students better prepared than U.S. students?

China, India, Australia, and South America all have made higher-education advances in recent years as has U.S. and European universities. Through the Bologna Process, there is a Bologna Declaration that unites the 46 countries who are committed to the goals of the European Higher Education Area. There is a quality assurance process with ensures accountability with standards and guidelines.

The U.S. has a system that expects every student to be college ready. What if are high school graduation requirements were similar to European and other countries requirements? Does every student have to go to college?

Categories: "High School" "Graduation" "Bologna Process" "Higher Ed" "Univerities"

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