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Future Set in 2015
By Barbara Bray    April 24, 2007 -- 10:11 AM

This was in the Blue Webín newsletter and shared by Linda Benafel on the techstaffdevelop listserv.

Title: Making It Happen


Description: Epic 2014 is the original flash online movie made by
Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History. Set in 2014, it charts the history of the Internet, the evolving mediascape and the way news and newspapers were affected by the growth in online news. It coined the word "Googlezon" from a future merger of Google and Amazon to form the Google grid, and speaks of news wars with the Times becoming a print only paper for the elite culminating in EPIC Evolving Personalised Information Construct. As a flash animation, this film is extraordinary, not just for itís use of technology but for itís fantastic perception looking forward. Epic 2015 is a new updated vision of the future set in 2015. Interesting use of past events to predict future possibilities. Could be used to introduce numerous topics including information literacy, journalism, and more.

Categories: "Future"

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By small Barbara Bray      May 10, 2007 -- 07:07 AM
Just Google it! Shared on YouTube:

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