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Each Day is a New Day
By Barbara Bray    August 30, 2009 -- 10:41 AM

Iím learning something every day. I moved this weekend. Iím learning that it is okay to
  • make mistakes
  • not lift a box that is too heavy
  • get rid of stuff
  • appreciate family and friends
  • not do anything
  • take naps when I need them
  • meditate
  • garden
  • play with my dog
  • go for a walk
I know this sounds like something that I should already know and do, but I am a multi-tasker. I was born that way. Actually, it is very difficult for me not to be busy. Thatís why I love blogging, writing, networking, creating projects in My eCoach, and reading. I plan to not plan on some days and be more spontaneous. Each day is a gift. After losing both parents and realizing that anything can happen to you or the people you love, I now see that each day, each minute, each second is for me to embrace, enjoy, and appreciate. If I make a mistake, I'll learn from it and not be so hard on myself. Everyone makes mistakes.

Next weekend (Labor Day weekend), I plan to sell lots of stuff and put on a garage sale. Plan to have a big FREE table with loads of books and educational items. Some of my friends and neighbors are going to join us. Should be fun. Maybe party later. Just know that it will be fun and hope that people will find new homes for much of the things I have collected over the years.

Categories: "Multi-task" "Moving" "Learning" "Garage Sale" "Free"

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