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Learning to Cope

By Barbara Bray      August 31, 2009 -- 08:55 AM
Take big breaths. Yes, I can do it. I'm putting in a new phone, fax, and DSL line. I'm testing my patience. Before, when things didn't work out as well as I thought they would, I would find myself breathing faster, heart rate sped up, and clenched my teeth. I'm learning to be aware of these feelings, my reactions, and today I was tested to see if I could do it.

I moved from one area code to another which means my phone and fax numbers on all my marketing materials will be different, have to forward, and pay a small fortune per phone call. We have a backup server that we keep in our office so we ...   more...
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Each Day is a New Day

By Barbara Bray      August 30, 2009 -- 10:41 AM
Iím learning something every day. I moved this weekend. Iím learning that it is okay to
  • make mistakes
  • not lift a box that is too heavy
  • get rid of stuff
  • appreciate family and friends
  • not do anything
  • take naps when I need them
  • meditate
  • garden
  • play with my dog
  • go for a walk
I know this sounds like something that I should already know and do, but I am a multi-tasker. I was born that way. Actually, it is very difficult for me not to be busy. Thatís why I love blogging, writing, networking, creating projects in My eCoach, and reading. I plan to not plan on some days and be more spontaneous. Each day is a gift. ...   more...
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Finding Your Creative Self

By Barbara Bray      August 16, 2009 -- 02:15 PM
I was brought up to think on my own; to color outside the lines; to be creative; and always ask "why" even if there is no answer to the question. I am curious why we are here; why the grass is green and the sky is blue; why being passionate about something makes you feel so good; why there are so many questions. I thank my mom for believing that each person is unique and can do whatever they want to do.

 I believe...
 I donít believe...
  • everyone is gifted.
  • everyone is smart in different ways.
  • each of us has talents that we may not use.
  • each day is a new day.
  • in loving yourself first.
  • you
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What makes a hero?

By Barbara Bray      August 16, 2009 -- 11:41 AM

In these hard times, more people are offering their times and services to others in need. Hereís a few heroes from People magazine who are helping others in their areas:

Cars for Poor Families

Cars for Poor Families
Hal Colston has provied cars to more than 3,000 people for the purpose of getting to work and off welfare.

Free Motel Rooms to the Homeless

Free Motel Rooms to the Homeless
Tim and Nancy Niolai provided free shelter to more than 100 homeless people

Giving a Stranger Shelter

Giving a Stranger Shelter
Marilyn Mock bought a house ...   more...

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