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Joining Conversations Educon 2.0
By Barbara Bray    January 25, 2008 -- 08:19 AM

On Social Media Citizenship, Alicia wrote that comments are great starting points. Many of the same people are blogging and posting. We used to start our conversations at conference. In fact, I used to go to lots of conferences to network and now I twitter and read and comment on posts. Jan 25-27 Educon 2.0 is going on in Philadelphia.

I would love to be there but am not able to go. Iím going to check out whatís going on virtually. What is
Gary Stager really saying? I love when he pushes the envelope. Will Richardson talks about personal learning networks. Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez are Finding the Common Ground to Frame Innovation and Change.

What is
Open Professional Development?

Julie Lindsay in Qatar on her
e-Learnng Journeys participated via Skype, Twitter, and UStream.

Go to
Hitchhikr to follow more conversations and participate.

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