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Some fun blabbering
By Barbara Bray    December 5, 2007 -- 07:06 PM

How about Blabberizing your pictures?

Over the holidays, you might want to have some fun. How about Blabberizing your pictures? Blabberize is a free program that lets your pictures talk.

Upload a Picture for your Blabber

Generally you want to pick a picture where you can see a person, animal, or picture of someone or something facing the camera with their mouth closed. As that has gives the best results but feel free to experiment! I chose this beagle picture that was in our eLibrary, because I thought it would be easy to see the mouth moving and I kind of like being a beagle today. After I created this, I thought wouldn’t this be a cool way to teach foreign language, tell a story, have children read and share their own writings, and other curriculum ideas. Curious what you think.

You may be asked to allow Adobe Flash Player Settings. So click Allow if Blabberize is requesting acess to your camera and microphone.

Step 1: Select the mouth.
There are handles on the selection tool that you can drag and drop. It is best to just select the bottom lip and jaw of the animal. The blue and black dots are the points you want to drag for the bottom lip. The green point is best if put way
down on the jaw. I had to keep moving it and re-recording so I could get the mouth to open enough. To go back, click on the face icon.

Note: the blue and black points around the edges of the red area; moving these points will change the shape of the red area. The red area is selecting the ’mouth’ - the part of the image that will move when we make it talk. The green dot determines how far and in what direction the mouth will move.

Step 2: Record.
Click on the microphone icon to start recording. You will see new controls below your picture. You have 120 seconds to record your blabber. There is a countdown letting you know how much time is left.

  • A record button appears. Press this once to start recording.
  • Press it again to stop recording.
  • An icon for Microphone gives you a list of all the available audio sources.
  • The Microphone Activity bar monitors the volume of the recording.
    • If the green bar isn’t moving, try dragging the blue bar to the right with the mouse to increase the recording sensitivity.
Step 3: Preview and Save. 
There are two buttons: Play and Save.
  • Press the ’Play’ button to preview your blabber.
  • If there’s something you want to change, use the face or microphone buttons to return to previous steps.
  • Press the ’Save’ button when you are done.
  • Your blabber will be saved to your profile.
  • You will be asked to give it a title, description, and tags.

You can put up the link. Here’s the blabber of the beagle., they give a form so you have an option to email your blabber, or you can embed the code. However, some of the code had to be cleaned up a little to make it work.

Curious what you think of Blabber?

Categories: "Images" "Audio" "Collaboration" "Web 2.0"

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