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Watch a baby learn and laugh
By Barbara Bray    November 26, 2008 -- 06:54 AM

Since the holidays are coming up, lots of families are taking time to enjoy each other. I am spending lots of time with my 9 month old granddaughter and am amazed at how much she is learning each day. I took Cali out to a local park and a father and son were flying remote control airplanes. We were watching. Next thing I knew Cali started talking and laughing.

The weird thing is that this laugh is the laugh I had when I was young. My daugher Sara, Caliís mother, had the same laugh. Are laughs genetic? In any case, I wanted you to have a good laugh and enjoy Caliís Laugh.

Caliís Laugh
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Categories: "Fun" "Laugh" "Cali" "Learning"

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By Josie      January 29, 2009 -- 08:11 PM
Wow, Barb, that was great!(Call's laughing) You can even hear how her laugh is like yours! And her discovering the sounds her tongue will make was great! It was the beginnings of language or means of communicating. Isn't it amazing how quickly little ones grow with various experiences!
Thanks for sharing her; you must be very proud!

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By small Sara Zimmerman      February 23, 2009 -- 04:06 PM
I love this! Thank you for capturing Cali's laugh and sharing it with others. We are happy the joy she brings us as her parents can be enjoyed by others too.

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