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Who owns your content?
By Barbara Bray    February 16, 2009 -- 11:44 PM

Have you been reading about Facebookís new intent to use any of their membersí content as long as they want? [source] What do you think of this? What do you think happens to any of your content on FlickR, Google Sites, or other social networking tools? Looks like Facebook responded to the flood of messages about this. [source] Be aware though that if you made your content public and left Facebook, they can do anything they want with it.

I have joined lots of social networking sites including Facebook. I even created a My eCoach Share Place so eCoach members could share with the world what they are doing and brag a little. I actually like Facebook and am wondering why all the members including my children put up so much content about themselves. I canít even believe what I did: wrote 25 random things about me and revealed a little more than I should have. I have put up lots of pictures and videos of family, content I own and want to continue to own. How many of us read the Terms of Use?

Are you aware that you own your content in eCoach? Itís yours to take with you, export, share, whatever. If you are part of a team in eCoach, the team might be your school, district or university. You may have joined to help develop curriculum. In that case, the organization owns the content.

We created eCoach because we wanted you to not to worry about what happens to your content, that you donít have to renew your membership each year, that you can customize everything you create, that you have everything you need all-in-one place, that you have public and private areas if you are on any teams, and that you have multiple options to collaborate with others around the world. We have a few free teams for members and our Certificated eCoaches will be adding more.

Do you belong to any social networks? Have you uploaded pictures and files?

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By Russ Knopp      March 22, 2009 -- 04:15 PM
I am a member of Facebook, but I have not added a lot of content. I was also a member of another social network but have recently closed my account there, because of the nature of far too much of the content found on that site.
There is a long list of reasons for my being pleased to be a member of My eCoach, not the least of which is what I perceive to be the purity of motive for its creation. All about My eCoach speaks to me of its purpose to help people genuinely interested in improving learning. To Barbara Bray (and perhaps others of whom I am not aware) we all owe a huge and meaningful THANK YOU for her/their tireless and continual effort to make My eCoach what it is and will become for teachers and learners. We appreciate you and all you do for all of us!

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