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What is it all about anyway?
By Barbara Bray    February 9, 2008 -- 01:54 PM

I always knew my heart was focused on children. I believe that every child is gifted and special and wonderful. When they are born, they are so innocent and sweet. My first grandchild was born yesterday and I cannot even tell you the feelings I have. First I was relieved knowing the baby is healthy, then that my daughter was okay, that Cali has all of her fingers and toes and is alert. It didnít matter if the baby was a boy or girl. I was anxious, relieved, impatient to meet her, wanting to help in any way.

Meet Cali Ann (born Feb 8th)

Cali will be loved and spoiled (especially by me). She will have what she needs and learn how to be the best she can me. She is lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Every child comes into this world with a mind open to learn. I saw Cali staring at her father taking in his eyes, listening to his voice. She wants to learn.

What can we do to make sure Caliís world allows her to learn whatever she needs and is best for her. I know that her family loves her and will give her whatever she needs. However, there are many children not as privileged as Cali. What about them? What do we do to prepare them, make them feel special, create a world that accepts them with whatever gifts they have?

Each child comes into this world as an open sponge waiting to soak everything in. I hope we can develop strategies to help new parents, develop learning communities - maybe schools as the community hub, instead of closing them. Children are our future. Let's not abandon one.

Categories: "Community" "Future" "Children"

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By Barbara      February 11, 2008 -- 11:13 AM
Oh Barbara...she is just gorgeous...congratulations to all of you!

Hugs, Barbara

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