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Framing Change: providing a place and time to wonder
By Barbara Bray    October 29, 2007 -- 09:21 AM

Ben Wilkoff, a 7th/8th grade Language Arts teacher at Cresthill Middle School in Colorado presented Obstacles to Opportunities “Starting From Scratch: Framing Change for All Stakeholders” presented at the K12 Online Conference. Ben designed a school model called The Academy of Discovery.

He shares about framing change for schools, teachers, students, administrators, and parents. If you think of school in its present form, then the thought of any change is monumental and overwhelming. He explains very clearly that you need a new framework of pedagogy and his focus at Cresthill is a singular concept of authenticity. How can you argue with authentic learning? He lists 6 concepts that his school grasped to meet the goal of authentic learning:
  1. Contextual
  2. Connected
  3. Collaborative
  4. Change-Directed
  5. Conversational
  6. Continuous
This structure is a great way to frame discussions for all stakeholders so they understand the direction of change and become advocates.

Teachers need a toolbox or toolkit guiding them how to meet their goals. Teachers are overwhelmed and pressured to raise test scores. If they are provided a kit or guide with lessons and ideas and best practices, plus are part of a network of colleagues that share and learn from each other, it could work. Ben uses blogs, podcasts, and wikis for teachers and students.

Students are ready. Administrators want to see results right away. Change takes time. Maybe using this new model of framing change will help us look at the big picture and convince the stakeholders that this change is necessary.



I created My eCoach with the idea that teachers need a place and time and the opportunities to take risks if they try anything new. Setting up teams with a guide (eCoach) who can gently nudge them to make change.

Curious what you think about framing change in this way? creating a toolbox for teachers? other ideas?

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