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Blog about Blogging
By Barbara Bray    March 28, 2007 -- 08:09 AM

Kimberly Moritz, a high school principal from Gowanda School District, wrote a blog about blogging with students that I wanted to share with you.

Itís a mistake to ask teachers to blog with their students. It causes anxiety and worry about too many things. Teachers may worry that their own writing will be judged. They worry about inappropriate comments and linking to undesirable places and people. They also figure they donít have anything to say.

Thatís why I say ďforget blogging with your kids.Ē Blog for you, for your own learning.

What do you think?

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By small Bill McGrath      April 4, 2007 -- 06:22 AM

later today I will add the link of a man I know who teaches Language Arts to a special group of children- It is wonderful to read what is going on in and out of class- And as far as the kids judging the teachers, don't you think they do that everyday anyway?- I am reminded of the adage " Kids don't care how much you know, they know how much you care"- Blogging is one of the top five uses by young people ( along with IM, music, games and emails) and I feel if a teacher can engage her/his class in this activity, then it can be beneficial for all-- For example; that student  who is somewhat reluctant to speak in class, MIGHT feel more comfortable posting a message
And with regard to your last comment, YOU WILL LEARN by blogging with your class-- a lot!!!

Recently teachers in, I believe it was in Virginia, were discussing how to allow for IM terms to be used in a traditional class essays, as so many of the students were now including them in their work

I realize this is not a right or wrong issue-- but give the children a chance and you may be surprised- Here too is a great way to include the parents, and this acts to minimize any of the negatives

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By small Bill McGrath      April 4, 2007 -- 12:53 PM

Mark is doing wonderful things with blogging and his students

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