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Learning to Change - Changing to Learn
By Barbara Bray    October 13, 2008 -- 09:34 AM

The keynoter for the pre-conference of K12 Online Conference Stephen Heppell shared this video on YouTube.

Iíve been thinking about this for as long as I can remember. Schools have to change to keep up with our students. They use technology everyday and schools ban that technology. I worked with independent study programs where students who may have been at risk worked at home and had jobs. Once or twice a week they met at school to follow-up with assignments and sometimes to work on projects.I like the idea about using school as the place for teamwork and projects. Letting students collaborate online using: text messaging, cell phones, and social networks. Use school for teachers to collaborate. Thatís what weíre doing in eCoach: providing online private and public spaces for confidential issues and sharing best practices. Also having a place for teachers to co-author projects and not reinvent the wheel. We can do it!

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By Laurie      October 15, 2008 -- 04:19 PM
Hi Barbara,
I just found your blog while doing a search on Smartboards. Tomorrow a Smartboard will be installed in my first grade classroom. I will be provided with some training later on but for now I'm on my own as I'm the first one in my school to get one. Any good info or links you can send my way to help get me started? I am SO excited! Thanks! Laurie

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By small Barbara Bray      October 15, 2008 -- 10:23 PM
Laurie - hereís just a few resources on Smartboards and Interactive Whiteboards from our eLibrary:

SMART Notebook lesson activities
Communication Arts and Your Interactive Whiteboard
Science, Social Studies and Your Interactive Whiteboard
Math and Your Interactive Whiteboard
What else can I do with the Smart Board in the Classroom
Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms

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