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Learning English using Legends
By Barbara Bray    October 27, 2009 -- 05:09 PM

I participated in a one hour workshop with Nellie Deutsch and Gladys Gahona on Storytelling and Cultures. They used WiziQ to present the creation story on Sun and Moon in English and Spanish. This is an interesting way to learn English and Spanish. I don't speak Spanish but when Nellie read the first part of the story in English and then Gladys read the same section in Spanish, I recognized words. I just love hearing the sound of Spanish read so beautifully.

What a great way to learn a language: listening to a story from native speakers. I joined the Storytelling and Cultures Ning and hope to join more of the sessions. Nellie asked me to bring a story, poem, or legend to read in a different language. I'm afraid I don't speak any other language well enough to read a story correctly. I plan to participate in future workshops and discussions to learn more about different cultures, how to teach English or any language through stories. What I learn will be very helpful for the My eCoach members who are teachers of English Language Learners and World Language Teachers.

Here's the video of one of the sessions:

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