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Online Collaboration
By Barbara Bray    June 21, 2005 -- 03:36 AM

My eCoach Online is still a pretty new program  - however, we are being approached by different groups to build collaborative projects for teachers and students. This is pretty big! Adding students means security issues and management issues for teachers. We want to do this right so we are going slowly- planning with the help of our development partners.

We want to see teachers from different states and countries share ideas and resources - possibly co-author projects. There are online programs that provide existing collaborative projects. Many are great!

Which ones work for you?
Do you see using My eCoach Online for these projects?
Can you share some ideas or examples on student projects?
What about student eCoaches supporting teachers? Any ideas?

Categories: "Collaboration" "Community"

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By small Linda Ullah      June 25, 2005 -- 09:52 AM
Barbara, This has the potential to be a perfect tool for what we do at the KCI. Our EWYL Fellows all create collaborative multi-classroom projects (three classrooms--ususally in different schools). This could also be perfect for our Global Project Based Learning online course. I'm very excited about this. I've used Tapped In with students (when I was teaching in elementary school for both student and teacher collaboration ( This was a project between my students and students in Sao Paulo, Brazil. is also rebuilding their tools for more collaborative project work. Bernie Trilling would be the contact person. I have is email address if you are interested in talking with him. Ted Kahn teachings our online collaborative tools course. Once we get his account set up, he would be a good person to have as part of this discussion.

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By small Leilani Carbonell Pedroni      July 18, 2005 -- 07:54 PM
Hi Folks, I am looking for recent (2003 - present) studies and research on the effectiveness of using technology facilitated professional development. If you know of any, please list titles and authors in your replies or put links here for me to take a look at. Thanks!

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By small Gayle Cantrell      July 22, 2005 -- 06:18 AM

Looking at collaboration online would be a good experience for my area of work.  I mentor teachers in elementary classrooms and they are always looking for online collaboration.  The global possibility is expectially exciting as teachers share cultures as well as information about their learning.  So.... I suppose I am saying.... "I'm in!"  Would be glad to set up some of my teachers with this experience. 

As a starting point, I am located in the Southeast/Bootheel region of the state of Missouri.  We are considered to be part of the Ozarks, Mid Continent States, and the Grass Roots area of the U.S.  School districts are mainly rural with a big farming population. 

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By small Sally Stratton      August 5, 2005 -- 11:16 AM
I am excited about using this online collaboration tool for the teachers I work directly with as they collaborate across our state with teachers from other schools in the NO LIMIT Project.  Also the way that the chat worked yesterday when my counterparts from ESD 113 worked with us at ESD 101 to create this activity was fantastic.  We will show a video called "FISH" at each site and then use posted discussion threads for groups to respond via eCoach.  Approximately 50 teachers from 15 school districts will participate in our collaborative reflection activity at our two training sites to build community among themselves and across school districts.  Each ESD will have four groups of teachers using a scribe to capture their face-to-face discussion on the discussion board using a protocol modified from Build-Walk-Add.  I am looking forward to more activities like this in the future.

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By Dave Dusthimer      August 31, 2006 -- 02:17 PM
Has anyone acutally built an online Professional Learning Community using eCoach?

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By small Barbara Bray      August 31, 2006 -- 02:41 PM

My eCoach is built around teams and leagues. Organizations such as Foothill College in CA (EWYL), eMINTS in MO, Pinellas County Schools, several regional centers in WA, and many others around the country have set up teams as their professional learning communities.

As an example, I am in Ohio this week working with Forest Hills School District training eCoaches from the district and each school to support their one-to-one laptop initiative. We set up one team for the eCoaches to support each other as they develop collaborative strategies for their teachers. Then each eCoach set up a team for their school where they will be blending face-to-face with online coaching support. The teachers will be using eCoach to connect teachers, co-author projects, and help each other with their teaching practice. Very exciting!


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