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Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs
By Sara Zimmerman    September 30, 2009 -- 02:47 PM

Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs

Follow Blog Icon We recently added a new feature for My eCoach blogs: Follow. You can now follow someone's My eCoach blog or other members can follow your blog.  The FOLLOW icon is in the sidebar of your public and team blogs and to the right of Add New Post for Community blogs.

Anyone who reads your blog can click on the FOLLOW icon and choose to follow your blog either by receiving a message from the Message Center or through their external email. A thumbnail of their profile image will then be placed among the other "followers" in the sidebar of the blog they are following.

You can also choose to follow a blog from your Blog Home. Simply go to My Locker > My Blogs to get to your blog home. If you find a blog from a team or community member that you wish to follow, simply click the FOLLOW icon and select which notification option you prefer.

Some of our blogs you can try following:

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