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New Online Community for HyperStudio Users: HyperStudio Playground
By Sara Zimmerman    August 26, 2009 -- 09:42 AM

My eCoach has created a free team for HyperStudio 5 users and trainers called the HyperStudio Digital Playground. This playground is a place for the HyperStudio 5 community to:
  • ask questions
  • discuss how they are using HyperStudio 5 with their classrooms
  • share ideas
  • find training resources
  • find trainers who can help with professional development
  • link to projects or showcase websites with projects
  • learn tips
  • access materials, and
  • share learning strategies with other HyperStudio users.
This is a free team for My eCoach members. Non-members will be charged a one-time $35 lifetime membership fee to My eCoach. Join now to play in the sandbox and climb on the swing with HyperStudio users from around the world.

Categories: "Roger Wagner" "Professional Development" "Digital Playground" "Hyperstudio"

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