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New Team Tools
By Barbara Bray    July 24, 2009 -- 06:15 AM

We just launched our new team tools, making team management and navigation so much simpler!

As a team member, you now have an organized place to find all of your teamsí work, materials, and information. As an eCoach, you now have more editable options, preferences, and space in your private team. This includs
the ability to add, edit, drop and drag tabs, view your team members as friends on the sidebar, add text boxes, embed box, and any team tool, and drop and drag any of those on the tab page. eCoaches can now place the content for their teams and courses right on the team page and keep everything in one place. No more necessary clicking off of the team page.

New Look:
Go to your team and you will see a new look with tabs.

Easy to Navigate:
No more searching to find what team members are doing. Team members can easily navigate through all of their team projects and materials from their team page by clicking through the tabs. Team managers can modify what tabs are listed on the team page to reflect what tools and projects the team has created and/or has access to.

Simple eCoach Controls:

As Team Manager, the eCoach controls the tabs and can add and title the tabs, drag and drop the tabs, edit and add any type of content, and even archive the tabs. eCoaches can explore this by clicking on the Team Manager so see their many options.

Easy for eCoaches to Edit:
No more searching for the edit button. You can add a text editor on each tab, embed a Web 2.0 tool like one of your movies you put up in TeacherTube, and add any of our team tools. You can drag and drop any of items you place on the tab.

Add eCoaching Tools to Team Page:
Roll your cursor over the team tool to see what you can do. For example, you can add Team Surveys tool to one tab so you can see what surveys team members created. The Work from Team tool shows all projects, surveys, blogs, quizzes, and ILPs and the Team Blogs tool shows team blogs. Once added as a tab, team members can select from the tabs to see the projects they and their team members have created.

Cloning can save you and your team members time. Team members can clone projects from going to projects/resources from their team page. T
he team manager can even clone the team structure so they donít have to reinvent the wheel when they start a new team.

Categories: "Drag And Drop" "Ecoach" "Manager" "Team Tools" "Team"

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By robert groves      July 31, 2009 -- 02:24 PM
Great idea!!

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