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Standards, Resources, and Programs - Oh My!
By eCoach Staff    February 26, 2008 -- 02:53 PM

Up to Standards
Every state’s content standards are available in My eCoach. We add standards based on community requests. Some communities have asked us to add professional, technology, and even local standards. Check your standards from the left menu and add any resources to your standards. These will then go to our eLibrary for review and publishing.

Resources Galore!
Look for thousands of new resources in our eLibrary. Along with your submissions, we have a group of interns and students who are finding rich resources for you to add to your locker. We are updating many of our projects and templates to the Universal builder. There are wonderful projects created with the older builders and many with broken links that could be updated with the new builder. Create it once with the Universal builder and then you and others have the ability to clone and adapt it. We encourage sharing and not reinventing the wheel over and over again.

New and Ongoing Communities
Some new and ongoing communities include the New Teacher Center @ UCSC with over 86 coaching teams; Los Angeles Arts Education Branch with over 400 art and classroom teachers and 48 teams; San Diego COE Leadership Services where over 300 principals have participated in AB 430 training; Bear Creek Elementary in Bend La Pine School District in OR; East Bay BTSA (new teacher program in the SF Bay area); Chillicothe School District in MO focusing on technology integration; San Francisco ITEC program for multiple sections; Bay Area Foreign Language Program (BAFLP) @ Stanford University; Department of Defense Chinese Language program with SFSU; Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) Professional Development Marketplace; Charter School of Morgan Hill; South San Francisco Unified; Eastside Union High School District; Foothill College Krause Center of Innovation, Portsmouth School Department in NH; Teaching American History NCESD in WA; lots of individual members creating projects and negotiating some very exciting projects to share soon.

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