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Book Club in eCoach
By Barbara Bray    July 30, 2007 -- 02:18 PM

Have you ever wanted to join a book club to discuss a book you just read, are reading, or want to read? Do you want to share ideas about a book that you would like to develop into a curriculum project?

We set up a book club with help from a few of our members and are determining focus. The book club is available to members of the eCoach community who have full access to all features. Hereís our ideas so far:

Use team forum to
  • discuss focus and direction of book club
  • submit books to discuss
  • determine how we will set up the forum
We also plan to use other team tools such as the team page to put up links to the books, announcements, and calendar events. The team blogs can be set up around main topics with posts for each book to share links, pictures, videos, and curriculum projects. People interested in the same book can co-author projects if they want. This is up to the members of this team.

Power of the eCoach community are the teams and being able to set up private spaces and publish public projects that can be interactive and even with RSS feeds.

All comments welcome and if you want more information or would like to join the book club,
message me.  

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By Sherry      July 31, 2007 -- 05:21 AM
I would like more information about the types of books that you plan on reading. Are these books fiction, non-fiction, thematic in nature etc...

Reply to Sherry

By small Barbara Bray      July 31, 2007 -- 07:49 AM
The people in the book club are choosing the books. We are looking for ideas from others. Some books discussed so far are fiction like Harry Potter series, biographies like Teacher Man. We are still trying to determine how to set up the discussions, blogs, and more. I suggested setting up themes:

Cultures (I am reading 1000 Splendid Suns)

We just started so we can always change or add books. Some people might not want to talk about a book they havenít read yet. Some might want to discuss characters, author, plot, deeper meaning. There are tools that allow individuals to talk privately about some things without sharing with everyone.

Reply to Barbara Bray

By Janice      July 31, 2007 -- 03:54 PM
It would make sense to me to just start one club out and then build from there. One book I would suggest is A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. It is a book that there has been a lot of talk about and it is easy to read.

I am a part of a listserve (Mosaic) that does book clubs. I have not participated, but I have noticed that in the subject line they divide the discussion up by chapters. They start out with a schedule for which weeks they will be discussing each chapter. Then I am guessing that there is someone facilitating that puts up some topic of discussion for each week. I have looked in on the discussions and they do sound interesting. The list is about reading comprehension, so they always choose books on teaching reading.

Reply to Janice

By Diana Kenney      August 1, 2007 -- 12:50 PM
I agree with Janice...Daniel Pink's book is great. Another thought...aside from a book may be fun to do a podcast club...listen to people like Alan November, David Warlick etc. and comment on what they are talking about.

Just a thought.

Reply to Diana Kenney

By small Barbara Bray      August 1, 2007 -- 01:01 PM
Diana, That's a great idea. We were thinking of doing a Podcast eCoach channet but could start with a club. I think there are alot of people in eCoach that would be interested. Will need some eCoaches to facilitate it. Interested? I know you have a lot on your plate. Let's talk about this.

Reply to Barbara Bray

By Janice      August 4, 2007 -- 09:46 AM
I like Diana's idea. It would be great to talk about podcasts also. Maybe we could have a podcast review group where we would listen to different ones and share what we are learning and point each other to ones that should not be missed.

Reply to Janice

By Elizabeth Oviedo      August 14, 2007 -- 06:00 AM
I like the idea of a book club. Can you believe I just started reading Harry Potter? I use to try to read the Oprah books, but never had anybody to discuss them with. I read the DiVinci Code and have asked people if they have read and I've been out of luck. I want to know if people interpreted the ending like I did.
The idea of branching out as Barbara suggested would be the best way. That way if someone wants to read for entertainment or professionally they have a choice.

Reply to Elizabeth Oviedo


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