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New Program in eCoach
By Barbara Bray    May 25, 2007 -- 07:27 PM

Starting in June, My eCoach will work with the Los Angeles USD Arts Education Program (AEB), CA.

My eCoach will support the AEB staff as they develop instructional guides for each discipline and grade level in eCoach: Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Media Arts. Teachers and community partners will develop lessons aligned to the guides. The online instructional guides will replace binders. Instead of binders with hundreds of pages of paper, there will be links, images, videos, and lesson aligned to standards and Arts big ideas.

Categories: "Arts"

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By Jim Siering      February 28, 2008 -- 08:12 AM
So cyber. Love it. Of course, once we get whatever we want from the links, images, and lessons, we'll probably print 'em out anyway.

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By Dennis Imoto      September 16, 2008 -- 08:14 AM

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