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Your Web, Your Way
By Barbara Bray    January 1, 2007 -- 08:56 PM

I was reading the January Time magazine where the "Person of the Year" is You. Yes, you. You control the Information Age. With Web 2.0, everyone and anyone  controls the media. The focus is on citizens of the new digital democracy: Harriet Klausner as one of the world’s most prolific and influential book reviewers (12,896 reviews on Ali Khurshid shares 200 of his photos of the beauty of Pakistan on Flickr. Wordsmith at War, mil-blogger Captain Lee Kelley, writes about his experiences in Iraq. Simon Pulsifer has authored between 2-3,000 Wikipedia articles and edited 92,000 others. Sharing, writing without being paid. Why?

Social networking lets you do it your way. Cell phones let you capture the news as it happens. This is changing traditional media - more people are watching YouTube than TV. Music, video, photos, journals, communities, auctions, classifieds - all changing.

Questions for you:
How do these social networking tools help you?
Are you able to use these as part of a real community?
What kind of community?
How does eCoach fit?

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