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Look who won the Innovation Award
By Barbara Bray    October 30, 2006 -- 10:11 PM

Congratulations to EWYL (Earn While You Learn) teachers Mary Howland, Beth Fensterwald and Steven Caringella who were awarded the $5000 Rambus/KCI Innovation Award for their Environmental Concerns in the Community Project. They asked their fourth, fifth, and eighth grade students to answer the essential question: How do we become aware of local environmental concerns and what can we do to make a difference?

In their collaborative project, each class contributed a key component to be shared by all. Fourth graders collected water quality data from a local creek while fifth and eighth graders researched wetland and other environmental problems and wrote persuasive essays that advocated action toward correcting them.

Eighth graders composed poems and newspaper articles as well. As the culminating project, the fifth graders will use information from the other two classes to produce radio public service announcements that promote environmental awareness and protection. To see more student work check out their project website at where you will see lots of pictures of them in action and see more samples of their work.

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By Linda Ullah      October 31, 2006 -- 09:04 AM
Thank you Barbara, for posting this. We are all so proud of Mary, Steve, Beth and their students . The link to their project plan didn't work for me. This is the one that works: Linda U

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By Linda Ullah      October 31, 2006 -- 09:14 AM
The Earn While You Learn link should be:

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By Kelly Hudson      October 31, 2006 -- 09:55 AM
Wonderful Project. Greatt job guys!

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