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Winning means Don't Give Up
By Barbara Bray    September 29, 2006 -- 10:23 AM

Jeffrey Taylor from Oakland, CA who has been a member of eCoach since 1999 thought you’d be interested in "What do you mean Civil Rights is More than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks?" Jeff finds grants, contests, and giveaways for his classroom. He has won CTAP grants, CUE grants, presented at the Palm Springs CUE Conference with 5 of his students, goes to RAFT for supplies, and much more. We featured Jeff in 2004. He found Donors Choose on our Grants and Contests WRL and decided to apply - three times. He won and this is what he plans to do with the winnings:

ince becoming a teacher, I have learned that students get more involved with the learning process when they can make a personal connection. They always want to know how it all relates to them, and they want to know the answer to "so what?".

Whenever I have given out a research assignment involving Black History Month, my students all want to do their assignments on either Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks. I have to strongly encourage them to explore and discover other contributors to our history.

I am proposing an annual Black History Month documentary project that will require my students to go out and interview senior citizens to get a first-hand account of the Civil Rights Movement. For this project we will need two digital camcorders. We will have two groups of students who will go out and interview seniors in our neighborhood. The other team will go out and interview seniors in care homes and senior centers.

The students will be responsible for developing interview questions, scheduling and conducting interviews, videotaping, editing and organizing a showcase to premiere the documentary.

This project can also be duplicated to educate students about other ethnic groups at our school.

The cost of two Canon digital cameras, two firewire cables, and two Memorex DVD 120-minute 50-Pack Spindles is $1,533, including shipping and fulfillment.

This [source ] and all other proposals at DonorsChoose have been submitted by public school teachers who seek resources that will help their students learn. Jeff is now at Frick Middle School in Oakland as the Opportunity teacher and plans to create lots of opportunities for his students which we will share with the community.

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By Diana Kenney      September 29, 2006 -- 04:07 PM
I hope Jeffrey will consider posting the documentary project on e-Coach. I'm very interested in seeing the finished project! You go Jeffrey!

Reply to Diana Kenney

By Linda Ullah      October 19, 2006 -- 08:29 AM
Jeffrey, You and your students are documenting and important historical era that can be archived for future learning experiences. It is so important to both caputure the history and to connect students to older members of the community. IS there a local museum, or could you student create a virtual blog/wiki type museum so their work can be viewed/used/added to by others? Thank you for doing this.

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