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What did you do today?

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:54 PM

Alaska Clean Up

Follow Janice Friesen, one of our Certificated eCoaches, on one of her trips around the world. Janice set up a blog where she is inviting her followers to add what they are doing. Go to Janice's blog to learn more...


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PBL 101 Playshop in Hawaii

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:53 PM

Experience Projects as Learner and Teacher  

PBL Summer InstituteA playshop July 18-22, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii for teachers excited about project-based learning (PBL). There are a few spots left where you can join K-12 teachers who will collaborate by topic to create a video and then group by content area or grade level to transform lessons to inquiry-based PBL. A big plus is that the playshop is in Hawaii on the beautiful campus of Mid-Pacific Institute then play even more later on the beach.

Go to to learn more...

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ISTE Conference in Philly

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:53 PM

Are you going to the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia, PA, June 26-29, 2011? This is the International Society of Technology in Education conference with over 17,000 people from all over the world. If you want to connect with the people who write the articles and blogs you read, this is the conference. You can still sign up to go.


If you'll be there, please come by:

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Rethinking Learning - a Blog to Follw

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:52 PM

Barbara Bray has a new title: Creative Learning Strategist and a redesigned website and blog called Rethinking Learning. Join her as she facilitates growing creative and engaging learning environments. Here's two of the latest posts:

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June Featured Projects

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:51 PM

We are so proud of the featured projects our members have created that they now appear on the outside of My eCoach so everyone can view them. Here are a few of the featured projects since the last newsletter:

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eLibrary Spotlights for June

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:51 PM
Click on an eLibrary Spotlight and find more than a link to the website or resource. We continue to build a rich collection of resources for you with vocabulary words, keywords, curriculum areas, grade levels, match to standards, essential and discussion questions and extension activities. These are featured on the Home page when you login also with even more information. Here are a few spotlights that we hope you find helpful:
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Science and Math Expo

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:50 PM

Showing Glogs in Algebra 1Madison Middle School in Oakland Unified School District, CA with the leadership of Dr. Lucinda Taylor put on a successful Expo the evening of June 7th. Everyone in the school community was involved including the district Instructional Technology Team. You could feel the excitement everywhere. Students, parents, teachers, and community members attended in the biggest event ever. Parents shared how much they enjoyed seeing the types of projects their children were doing: CSI Oakland, BizWorld, Dream Houses, Glogs showing Algebra 1 Problems. and a Film Festival. Read more...

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June Educational News, Grants and Contests

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:50 PM

Noteworthy updates from the educational community

Articles & Presentations

Contests & Challenges

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Google Search by Reading Level

By Barbara Bray      June 13, 2011 -- 10:19 PM

Google searches now allow users to choose reading levels of the results of a search. There are three levels to choose among: basic, intermediate and advanced.

So how do you do a reading level search? After typing in a query on, look at the column of tools on the left side of the search results and you will see "All Results."

Click on "More search tools" and then click "Reading Level."

After you click on Reading Level you will see at ...   more...

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Cool Tips about My eCoach Blogs

By Barbara Bray      June 6, 2011 -- 10:35 AM

It is pretty easy to create a blog in My eCoach and have "user control" of who edits and comments.

  • You can create a personal blog as a private journal. No one else sees it.
  • If you are on a team, you can have a team blog and only the members of the team can view and comment on it.
  • You can share a blog with one or more My eCoach members.
  • You can create a public blog and choose from different themes.

When you create a blog, you need to create at least one post. Think of a blog as a book and the posts as chapters in the book.

...   more...

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