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Contest: Submit Projects & Win!

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:55 PM
Submit to eLibrary & win FableVisionís Animation-ish and more!

Have you made fun or interesting projects using the Universal Builder in My eCoach? If so, submit it and win!!!! Weíre looking to add YOUR great projects to our eLibrary. We are looking for:
  • educational projects
  • lesson plans
  • class websites
  • topic-specific content sites
  • presentations or demonstrations
  • projects made with older builders (pre-2007) converted to the Universal Builder
How to enter:
Itís easy!!! Find one or more of your fantastic projects (or create one) and submit by editing your project, going ...   more...
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Follow My eCoach on Facebook and Twitter

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:50 PM
Stay informed through your social networks

Facebook iconDo you find it hard to keep up with all that My eCoach does? If so, become a fan and follow My eCoach on the new My eCoach Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter. We're adding regular updates, links to interesting projects, discussion ideas, information on upcoming grants, photos and more.
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Upcoming Grants for Educators

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:49 PM
Here are some upcoming grants for U.S. teachers, students and librarians:
Did you know that My eCoach can also help you stimulus moneywrite grants to incorporate eCoaching and Class Teams into your school? Contact Us for more information.
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Schedule a Demo for a Team

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:48 PM
teams iconAre you interested in streamlining your team's communication and collaboration skills but are not sure how? Are you an individual who wants to be on a team but are not familiar with the tools? Schedule a demo today where we will walk you through team pages using our unique team tools. Contact Us for your demo today.
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Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:47 PM
Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs

Follow Blog Icon We recently added a new feature for My eCoach blogs: Follow. You can now follow someone's My eCoach blog or other members can follow your blog.  The FOLLOW icon is in the sidebar of your public and team blogs and to the right of Add New Post for Community blogs.

Anyone who reads your blog can click on the FOLLOW icon and choose to follow your blog either by receiving a message from the Message Center or through their external email. A thumbnail of their profile ...   more...
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Video Tutorial about Getting Started for new members/first-time users

By Sara Zimmerman      September 1, 2009 -- 01:44 PM
Below is a video tutorial about getting started and getting familiar with My eCoach or click here to view it in a separate window. Take a moment to view and share it with others you know.

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