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Team Tool Video Tutorial for Team Members

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 12:53 PM
We just launched our new team tools, making team management and navigation so much simpler for the both the team member and team manager. Click on the play button below watch a short video on how this team tool can work for you (you may need to turn up your speakers).

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Coming Soon... Lounges: A place for teams to collaborate and communicate

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:18 AM
Teams will soon be able to co-author, share, communicate and collaborate with other teams in a new feature in My eCoach: Lounges!

For instance, this would allow an elementary class in North Dakota to compare data with a class in Hawaii on the different effects of climate change. Teams will also be able to use the lounge to work on lesson plans together, co-author projects, and optimize their communication between one or more teams. Stay tuned!!!   more...
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Homeschool Team Grows: Free team for members gathers momentum

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:15 AM
Only a month old, the Homeschool team and resource list is growing. This free team is for any My eCoach member involved in homeschooling. It is a place to communicate, collaborate, share ideas, projects and resources. To join, log in and go to My Community> Teams to Join or click here.    more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Sara Zimmerman  August 31, 2009 -- 03:40 PM

My eCoach Integral part of National Grant

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:13 AM
The National Professional Development Grant was developed through San Francisco State University (SFSU) aimed towards professional development and implementation of instruction for English Language Learners. My eCoach will be the web-based component to help implement this program so curriculum, program information, and communication can be done virtually. SFSU faculty and students will be working with teachers from San Francisco USD, Palo Alto USD, Santa Clara COE, University of San Francisco, University of Santa Clara, and San Jose State University. My eCoach members will soon be seeing ...   more...
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Team for New Teachers Launches: Accomplished Teaching and Collaborative Leadership Community

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:09 AM
Over 200 teachers, (including many K-12 science teachers), will soon be part of the newly-formed Accomplished Teaching and Collaborative Leadership Community, a team within My eCoach for National Board Certified Candidates and Support Providers. National University created this online learning community so candidates will have the tools, resources, people and support materials available to them, anywhere at anytime. If you are interested in registering with National University to join this team, contact Ronarae Adams at

My eCoach members will be able to see the wonderful ...   more...
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Class Team Spotlights

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:02 AM
New eCoaches and eTeachers have set up some fantastic teams for the upcoming school year. Class teams include up to 40 of their students and are a great way for the class to work together, share, receive information, schedule events, and communicate. A few of the teams:
  • Village of Excellence Academy, Charter School in Tampa, FL
  • Travel & Tourism Academy at Oak Grove High, San Jose, CA
  • Russ Knopp’s eKids team & his sixth grade class, Waitsburg, WA
  • San Diego COE, AB430 training in multiple teams with hundreds of new principals
As part of each newsletter, we will be sharing new communities and ...   more...
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Member Pages have new settings, new nav bar, and new icons

By Sara Zimmerman      August 26, 2009 -- 01:07 PM
We’ve been busy updating and streamlining our inside member pages. Once you login as a member, you will notice:
  • We have new icons for our home page and our left hand navigation bar.
  • There are new color choices for your "look and feel" under your settings. 
  • We also changed our navigation bar on top to have more links and information. Some of these links will take you to a new window to the outside non-member pages where you can view examples, read updated FAQs, and learn more about the numerous features and tools of My eCoach. 
Take a moment to look around, enjoy our new appearance,
...   more...
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New Online Community for HyperStudio Users: HyperStudio Playground

By Sara Zimmerman      August 26, 2009 -- 09:42 AM
My eCoach has created a free team for HyperStudio 5 users and trainers called the HyperStudio Digital Playground. This playground is a place for the HyperStudio 5 community to:
  • ask questions
  • discuss how they are using HyperStudio 5 with their classrooms
  • share ideas
  • find training resources
  • find trainers who can help with professional development
  • link ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By patrick  April 2, 2011 -- 05:08 PM