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My eCoach and Pinellas County Schools, FL

By Barbara Bray      June 27, 2006 -- 09:41 AM
My eCoach is very lucky to be part of the EETT grant with Pinellas County Schools, Florida. We are working with up to 38 e-Mentors as they develop technology integrated, project-based curriculum with 109 teachers and administrators. Public Post

e-Mentors are part of six teams that include one or more representatives from Pinellas Park Elementary, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle and Pinellas Park High schools. Projects are around science-based themes where they develop real-world project-based learning activities: Ecology, Life Processes, Living Interactions, Weather, Habitats, Florida Environment ...   more...
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eCoach Certification Institutes

By Barbara Bray      June 23, 2006 -- 09:29 PM
Why would you want to be an eCoach? eCoaches have online coaching tools to manage and coordinate their teams. They may be on-site coaches or mentors or even trainers who want to extend their face-to-face meetings and build an online learning community. Join us at the eCoach Certification Institute on July 24th through July 26th at the eCoach office in Oakland, California.

There are multiple ways to meet your learning goals. Most professional development involves workshops and coaching. Setting up a workshop takes lots of planning, at least three hours for every hour of a workshop. Workshops ...   more...
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New Team Manager

By Barbara Bray      June 20, 2006 -- 09:18 PM
Looking for a way to personalize your team information? How about creating a course announcement page? My eCoach offers the tools and features teams need to build their own learning community.

Now eCoaches can control and manage their teams using the new team management tools. For each team you are the eCoach, you can create a team page with announcements, links, list of courses, and whatever else you might want for your team

The Team Manager has a team content editor that allows you ...   more...
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Changing Home Field

By Barbara Bray      June 19, 2006 -- 09:28 AM
Each time you log in to My eCoach, you will see different tips and resources on the Home Field. We are constantly looking for new ideas to help you or just to give you ideas or websites that are fun or will make your job easier.

Welcome at the top will be different depending on your account. This area is from the eCoach staff. eCoaches get information for their team members or heads up on events. Players who are on one or more teams will get general information about My eCoach. Free Accounts have general information on what is My eCoach and links to more information. All accounts are lifetime ...   more...
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New Custom v1.2 Builder

By Barbara Bray      June 18, 2006 -- 11:52 AM
We have received many comments on updates people would like for our builders. From your suggestions, we created a modified and more flexible version of the custom builder (Custom Builder Version 1.2).

One suggestion was to make the Brainstorm connect with the rest of the features in ...   more...
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Introducing the New Inside Ticket

By Barbara Bray      June 16, 2006 -- 01:07 PM
Welcome to the new Inside Ticket as a public blog! We thought that if we were going to do a newsletter - why not as a blog that we can broadcast as a RSS feed for the eCoach community or anyone on the Internet?

How does it work to create a public blog? If you are a member of My eCoach, you can create a public blog that is published as your own website. Login and click Blogs. Click create using the Blog wizard. Choose from a variety of templates:

Choose the access ...   more...
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