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Building Creative Environments

By Sara Zimmerman      August 31, 2011 -- 02:22 PM

Barbara posts regularly on her blog Rethinking Learning. Join her as she facilitates growing creative and engaging learning environments. Here's some of the latest posts:

 Going Places Contest

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Rethinking Learning - a Blog to Follw

By Sara Zimmerman      June 14, 2011 -- 01:52 PM

Barbara Bray has a new title: Creative Learning Strategist and a redesigned website and blog called Rethinking Learning. Join her as she facilitates growing creative and engaging learning environments. Here's two of the latest posts:

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March's Useful Posts for Educators and Coaches

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:37 PM

If you are setting up or participating in an online community, training, or coaching program, follow Barbara Bray's blog. Bray writes a regular column on professional development for the OnCue Journal and has been involved in coaching and designing online communities with numerous organizations around the world. Here's links to the latest four posts:

Visit Barbara Bray's website, contact her, or follow her at Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our profile on LinkedIn.

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Drag and Drop on Blog Sidebar

By Sara Zimmerman      December 15, 2009 -- 12:13 PM
Now you can drag and drop any of the links or widgets up or down instead of clicking move one at a time. You can customize the sidebar of your public blogs by adding links and embedding widgets. Go to your Blog Home to the T-Shirt icon to customize your sidebar.*

This is the way we used to edit the sidebar.

You can still add links by clicking Add Links and adding the title and the URL.
The way we used to have it is clicking on the up or down arrows to move items one at a time.

Now each item is in a box where you will be able to click on a box and drag and drop an item up or down as far as you ...   more...
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New features and updates

By Sara Zimmerman      November 18, 2009 -- 02:26 PM
We are constantly adding new features and doing updates to ensure our community has effective tools for learning, publishing, sharing and communicating. Here are some of our most recent:
  • Share your blog or your project on Twitter and Facebook. Projects: share by selecting the networking buttons from the sidebar. Blogs: share by selecting networking buttons beneath each post.
  • New team reporting tools are available for team managers to view activities of members by type of team tool and by specific dates. You can now view the number of blog and forum posts, comments, and replies.
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Blog Spotlight: eCoach Ken Bakken Escorts a Holocaust Survivor to Taipei

By Sara Zimmerman      October 27, 2009 -- 10:37 AM
eCoach Ken Bakken Escorts a Holocaust Survivor to Taipei

"Today Noemi gave her first talk to the ninth and tenth grade students about her experience of the Holocaust. Her message of hope, love, and understanding was warmly accepted by the students and staff of TAS. When she told her story to the 500 plus students, you could hear a pin drop. Later in the day, she met with two groups of students who were given the opportunity to ask her questions. The questions were fascinating. For me the most interesting question was: Do you ...   more...
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Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:47 PM
Tip: Easily Follow My eCoach Blogs

Follow Blog Icon We recently added a new feature for My eCoach blogs: Follow. You can now follow someone's My eCoach blog or other members can follow your blog.  The FOLLOW icon is in the sidebar of your public and team blogs and to the right of Add New Post for Community blogs.

Anyone who reads your blog can click on the FOLLOW icon and choose to follow your blog either by receiving a message from the Message Center or through their external email. A thumbnail of their profile ...   more...
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