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Tips for Being Creative and Innovative

By Barbara Bray      November 7, 2012 -- 11:12 AM

Anyone can be creative because we all possess mental processes that include decision making, language, and memory. All we have to do to boost our creative potential is to break down the established ways we view and interact with the world. Allowing yourself to see things differently encourages creativity and looking for ways to be innovative.

  1. Observe: When you are trying to come up with a new project or idea, study how others do something similar and the problems they might be having.

  2. Become an Expert: Focus on something you are interested in and learn as much as you can. Then share what you ...   more...
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11 Tips on Personalized Learning

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:49 AM

Personalizing learning means moving to student-centered learning. This takes time. Here are a few tips to help you transform your learning environment. 

  1. Find out how each student learns best.
  2. Allow students to choose their topic.
  3. Encourage teachers and students to co-design the curriculum.
  4. Ask lots of questions.
  5. Teach less, learn more.
  6. Share how you learn.
  7. Connect, extend, challenge.
  8. Re-evaluate assessment.
  9. Define goals and encourage reflection.
  10. Focus on learning, not work.
  11. Coordinate student led conferences .

Learning begins with the learner. What children know and what ...   more...

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More updates about our Text Editor

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:36 PM

Last month we launched our new text editor. Here are a few more quick tips about how to use our new text editor:

  • To align your image, go to the second tab (Appearance) to the pull down menu.
  • Use the Full Screen to have more room to type.
  • If you make a mistake while you type, you now can Undo your last actions.
  • Check out the Word icon where you can now insert text from Word and it keeps the formatting the same.
  • The paint brush icon removes messy code.  
  • You can even insert the date and time into your text. 

Click here for an overview of some of the features.New Text Editor

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Eco friendly schools go paperless

By Sara Zimmerman      September 28, 2010 -- 02:38 PM
Educators have been taught to create worksheets and print everything. Look at all the paper in the trash or recycling bin at your school by the end of the day. The first thing you can do is rethink how you use paper and why. Before you print out your email or type up your lesson plan to print, consider the following facts about paper. [Source]
  • The United States wastes approximately 749 pounds of paper a year... per person. That would be one tree per person... if all trees were 18 inches around and 100 feet tall. 
  • Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 ...   more...
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Interactive Whiteboard Basics

By Sara Zimmerman      July 21, 2010 -- 04:33 PM
Interactive whiteboards are now used on the computer as way to extend learning with your students. There are a few basics that teachers and students need to know when they can use an interactive whiteboard. These tips were adapted from Smart Board Basics:
  1. Calibrate your interactive whiteboard.
    • Turn on your interactive whiteboard and press the keyboard and right mouse click mouse button together. This will start the calibration tool.
    • Pick up one of the pens, press it against the middle of the target that appears on your board, and release. Repeat this procedure
...   more...
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Empowering teachers interview with Barbara Bray

By Sara Zimmerman      June 9, 2010 -- 04:15 PM
Teresa Roebuck, president of Global Association of Teacher Empowerment (GATE) interviewed Learning Strategist and My eCoach CEO, Barbara Bray. The interview focused on empowering and ways to motivate teachers, tools for promotion, finding strengths, etc. You can listen to Teresaís full length interview of Barbara Bray here: 

Barbara Bray
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This interview is just one of the many resources provided by GATE. The intent of GATE is to support the nationís novice teachers in their professional lives by helping teachers connect - or reconnec...   more...
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Building Trust in Your Online Community

By Sara Zimmerman      June 8, 2010 -- 11:00 AM
There usually is one manager of an online community. The manager can be called a community manager, a team manager, or an eCoach. The members of your community will need to trust you to feel safe in your community. Here are seven tips to ensure a trusting relationship with the members of your community.
  1. Personalize your Community

  2. Lead by Example

  3. Be True to Yourself

  4. Share What You Learn

  5. Learn from Mistakes

  6. Be Consistent

  7. Let it Go

Building a trusting online community can take weeks maybe months. Trust is vital to the health of your community. Click here to read the thorough explanation by Barbara Bray...   more...
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8 Quick My eCoach tips

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 03:19 PM
My eCoach has a lot of features that members may not be aware of, so we decided to share some quick tips with you. Some of these tips are new features for everyone while some are new features just for teams:
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