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Web Resources for 6th-8th Grades

Curriculum Content including
Interactive Sites for Student Projects




English/Language Arts



OUSD General Resources

General Resources



Autobiography Country Research Project




  • Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries
    Check out this online exhibit to view Mexico's artwork from the past to present.
  • Mexico's Pictures
    This site has pictures of Mexico taken by Jose Luis Del Rio.
  • Mexico Connect
    Pictures of Mexico City.
  • Meet Mexico
    A site filled with images and information about the Mexico’s history, geography,customs, and people.
  • Discovering Mexico
    Take a look at Mexico through the eyes of a photographer. Pictures and detailed descriptions about the country and its people can be found here.
  • Beyond the Border
    Learn the stories of 4 brothers from the Ayala family who leave Mexico to seek a better life in the USA




  • Vietnam Images
    A large collection of photos taken by Mogens B. Christiansen.
  • Vietnam-CIA World Factbook
    Learn quick facts about the geography, people, government, and economy of Vietnam.
  • Hitchhiking Vietnam
    A site filled with images through a woman’s eyes who traveled through Vietnam.
  • Cool Planet-Vietnam
    Filled with pictures and information, learn about Vietnam’s people, culture, geography, and history.
  • Vietnam Passage
    Learn about the Vietnam war through several firsthand accounts including stories from a fatherless Vietnamese boy, a teenage girl who was a political prisoner, and an American journalist.
  • Precious Cargo
    Stories about 8 people who were adopted and raised by American families through the US Operation Babylift. Learn about their journey back to Vietnam after 25 years.


Autobiography of Jane Pittman






Electricity & Magnetism

  • Electricity & Magnetism
    This site introduces you to "many of the basic concepts involved with Electricity and Magnetism. We will introduce you to static charge, moving charge, voltage, resistance, and current. Magnetism and how it relates to electricity will also be presented."
  • Shocking Truth about Electricity
    Have you ever wondered how much we depend on electricity? Where does electricity come from? What are those volts, amps and watts anyway? If you have ever thought about any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. This page will tell you the amazing story of electricity. You'll be shocked by how hot it is.
  • The Wizard's Lab
    Gives a nice summary of the different characteristics of electricity and magnetism. This is a Thinkquest website.
    (ThinkQuest is temporarily closed - come back later)






  • Who Goes There: European Exploration of the New World
    The site includes an overview of the various motives behind exploration, information about individual explorers categorized by country, and several activities (i.e., crossword puzzles, word searches) students can complete using their knowledge about explorers.
  • Discoverers Web
    This website has an alphabetical list of explorers as well as biographies on different explorers.





Human Body

  • Kidshealth - My Body
    Learn about the different parts of your body and how it all functions to work together. Nice graphics and simple summaries of each of the different body parts.
  • The Human Body
    Nicely organized to each of the different parts of your body with short summaries and pictures to accompany each topic. (Thinkquest site)
  • The Human Body
    Some nice lizards guide you along the human body. Each page has a nice summary of the different functions of the body with pictures to accompany each topic. (Thinkquest site)

Internet Research

  • Internet Research 4-8th Grade
    This site was created to introduce you to search engines and tutorials that may help you find rich content on the web, find existing web-based activities for immediate use in your classroom, and develop a simple web-based activity using one curriculum site that you can use with your students immediately


Nat Turner

  • Confessions of Nat Turner
    Primary Source Documents at "From Reconstruction to Revolution" that includes essays, biographies, documents, and more. May be high reading level.
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion
    A PBS site (Chapter 3) about Africans in America 1831.including related links at the bottom of the page with more information on Nat Turner.



Plate Tectonics and Earth Structure





Why People Rebel



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