Using Spreadsheets in the Curriculum

compiled by My eCoach January, 2002

Integrating Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum
- An Internet Hotlist on Spreadsheets

– many activities for teachers and students including tutorials

Almost Everything You Need for Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Everyday Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Math WebQuests for Grades 3-5

Using Computers to Produce Spreadsheets and Bar Graphs
From SCORE Mathematics

3 Examples of Spreadsheet Online Activities

My First Car – created for 6th through 9th grade students. Use spreadsheets to determine the best car to purchase for a particular price per month.

Titanic-Facts & Statistics
Designed for two students with some familiarity with the use of spreadsheets for creating tables and graphs and the use of databases for gathering information.

A Quest for Good Nutrition – using Spreadsheets in 4th Grade Science