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Adult Learners

School Improvement Research Series: Staff Development
Research article that covers issues on adult learners, learning and change, and planning for staff development.

Principles of Adult Learning
Research that explains compared to children and teens, adults have special needs and requirements as learners. guidebk/teachtip/adults-2.htm

The Concerns Based Adoption Model
Using CBAM, adults can determine their comfort level and attitude about any change including the use of technology.

Adult Learning Theory
A resource guide with links to research why adults learn using specific methods.


Coaching and Mentoring

The Mettle of a Mentor
This research project describes necessary conditions to ensure a positive mentoring relationship.

Is a Good Teacher Always a Good Mentor?
A brief, thought provoking article from the ASCD's Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network web page.

On-the-Job Learning
This article discusses the importance of job-embedded learning, and allowing teachers to share their experience with colleagues.


Learning Theory and Instructional Methods

The Practical Implications of Constructivism
A short, informative article on constructivism

 Essays on Constructivism and Education
A collection of articles on the topic

 Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
A series of links on project-based learning with a focus on the use of multimedia 

This website gives great descriptions about a variety of learning theories.

Instructional Development Timeline
A timeline of instructional development from the 1900's to the present highlighting key events, people, theories, and ideas.


Forums on Professional Development Research

CEO Forum on Education and Technology
Online resource for the business of education and an annual assessment of how schools are integrating technology into their curriculum. Review the STaR chart to determine how school or district uses technology.

Pathway to School Improvement: Professional Development
A site that provides background information and articles on change from NCREL

Education Leadership Toolkit
National School Boards Association developed a resource to be used for planning staff development and when working with the community and school boards.

From Now On
Jamie McKenzie's Educational Technology Journal provides a wealth of information on professional development and inquiry-based learning. A must for professional developers!

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Foundation to support helping schools, teachers and students in the digital age. New video and digital clips justify how technology supports learning.

The Snorkel
A support forum for K-12 technology leaders created and maintained by Doug Prouty. Valuable resources for any technology coordinator!


Information Literacy

10 Big Myths of Copyright Explained
Report that explains copyright and tries to answer any questions that you may have on ethical issues.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Information on why it is important to evaluate websites and the criteria needed to do the evaluation.

Online Plagiarism
Even though this paper was written in 1998, it has good up-to-date information on how to deal with plagiarism.



Needs Assessment

Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology
A thorough report by the Department of Education in 1998.


Self-Evaluation Rubric (Based on the Mankato Scale)
The Mankato Scale is a rubric used to assess skill and proficiency with technology (developed by Doug Johnson).

The enGauge framework is a new way of thinking about learning, teaching, and leading in a digital age. It provides a comprehensive view of critical factors in the educational system that strongly influence the effectiveness of learning technology.

Scoring Guide for Student Projects
Created to evaluate the content knowledge and the effective use of technology in communicating ideas and information that is evident in the products that students create with computers.

California's CTAP2 iAssessment
Sign-in as a guest through your school. Individuals receive a chart of proficiencies and link to CTAP resources. Schools and districts receive a chart of teachers skills.

My eCoach Assessment
Free to guests, go in and take the easy-to-use assessment and receive an individual learning plan (ILP). Clients receive customized reports and charts and support in designing their professional development program.


Online Professional Development

Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks: Designing Online Venues for Professional Communities
Article from Educational Technology and Society that describes the development of online learning communities.

Online courses for personal proficiency sponsored by the BUTTE County Office of Education.

My eCoach Online
An online learning community where mentors can support teachers with coaching, communication, collaboration, and curriculum building tools.

Global Connections Online
National Semiconductor's Online Professional Development


Research Studies on Changing Practice of Technology Use

Pathway to School Improvement: Professional Development
A site that provides background information and articles on change from NCREL

"Results-Oriented Professional Development in Search of an Optimal Mix of Effective Practices"
Research by Thomas R. Guskey of the University of Kentucky

Training Teachers Using Technology
From the Journal of Staff Development, this article reviews recent literature on professional development of teachers and educational technology

The Beliefs, Practices, and Computer Usage of Teacher-Leaders (2000)
Report by Margaret Riel and Hank Becker identifies characteristics of exemplary leaders and examines technology integration of teacher-leaders vs. the general teacher population, through a survey of 4,000 educators.


Standards and Technology Use

National Education Standards for Students and Teachers
International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) created this site for technology teams to develop national standards for the educational uses of technology that will facilitate school improvement in the United States.

National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators, NCITE
Looks at the philosophy behind research-based instruction which is driving California's Standards, practices, and accountability.


Technology's Impact on Student Learning

Educational Technology: Media for Inquiry, Communication, Construction, and Expression
Research article that covers the taxonomy of how technology can be an effective tool in the classroom.

Effect of Technology on Classrooms and Students
Report developed by the Department of Education. EdTech/effectsstudents.html

The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement: What the Most
Current Research Has to Say
Report by John Schacter summarizes and assesses seven current research studies on technology and its impact on student achievement. _function=detail&Content_uid1=161


Technology Professional Development

ICT Driven Individual Learning: New Opportunities and Perspectives
Article from Educational Technology and Society the discusses various implications for individual learning resulting from the use of Information and Communication Technology

Technology and Staff Development
Articles, research, links, and resources available in the archives of the National Staff Development Council.


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