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Ancient Greek actors used masks for special theatrical representations.

Crocodiles, hawks and buffalo are the most frequently carved animal masks.

Masks that are sold in African and American markets are usually replicas. Original masks are passed down from one generation to the next .





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In conjunction with a unit on African History, seventh grade students at Bret Harte Middle School worked on the African Mask Project. The project consisted of two components. The first part of the project was the construction of a papier-mâché mask, emulating an actual African tribal mask. The second phase of the project was a "museum writing" describing the mask.


The students choose a mask to reproduce. The goal is to replicate the mask as closely as possible. Students use papier-machè formed around a base to construct their replica. Features are then added. The features are then papier mached until hard. Next, the mask is painted and varnished. The last step is to add any other elements such as hair, cloth, raffia, and metal to the finished mask.


Museum Piece:

The museum writing consists of two sections. The first section element is a well-researched article on the tribal group were the mask originated. The students must determine which materials were used to produce the mask. These materials must be indigenous to Africa and the region in which the tribe lived. In this section the student will also describe the region in detail geographically.

The last part of the museum writing component, and perhaps the most important, is to describe the ceremony or purpose of the mask. In other words, how did their tribal group use the mask. The research for this is sometimes quite difficult. If the exact purpose of the mask cannot be determined, the student must create appraise for the mask based on what other ceremony masks are used for by the tribe.


Extension Activities Ideas:

expand research and create ethnic group reports
use ethnic artifcacts from Africa to spark ideas for further investigations
research how masks are used in other places
investigate why masking ceremonies are no longer common place in Africa
what and how are other objects used in ceremonies around the world including the United States

Other Resources

Black Africa by Laure Meyer (1992)
Masks of Black Africa by Ladislas Segy (1976)
The Principal Ethnic Groups of African Art by Jacqes Kerchache
The Shape and Belief - African Art by Mary Roberts and Allen F. Roberts
From Afar to Zulu by Jim Haskins and Joann Biondi (1995)
Africa books from Ethnic Arts and Facts
Africa Culture Kits from Ethnic Arts and Facts


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