The Outsiders
Everyone just wants somewhere to belong.
Comprehension Questions

Section 1 Comprehension Questions

Chapter 1

  1. Who is the narrator in this story? From what point-of-view is the story told by the narrator? Describe him?
  2. Who are the Socs? Who are the greasers?
  3. How do Ponyís relationships with Sodapop and Darrel differ?
  4. Ponyboy tells us that Darrel grew up too fast and that Sodapop has never grown up at all. He concludes: "I donít know which wayís the best. Iíll find out one of these days." From this, what would you suppose this novel is going to be about?

Chapter 2

  1. Are the names Ponyboy and Sodapop nicknames? Explain.
  2. On several pages, Pony tells Cherry about what happened to Johnny. What is the name of the literary device used to tell the story. Write a brief summary of the event.
  3. What does Cherry tell Ponyboy about the Socs that he has a hard time believing?

Chapter 3

  1. What does Cherry explain is the real difference between the Socs and the greasers?
  2. What does Ponyboy mean when he says, "Johnny and I understood each other without saying anything." Have you ever had a relationship wih someone who you understood, and who understood you, without having to say anything?
  3. What is foreshadowed by the last paragraph in this chapter?

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