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If youíre a new knitter, start by learning the knitting basics:  Long Tail cast-on and the knit and purl stitches. Those three techniques make up the vast majority of any knitting project. When youíre done with your first project, finish your knitting with basic knit bind-off.  Also, check out "More Knitting Basics" below.
The rest of our videos can be found in these sections. Click below, or hover over the above video tab, to access these sections:

To watch a video, click on the blue and pink video icons that appear within the description of the technique.


Why do we have two video types?

Pink video icons demonstrate methods in the Continental knitting style. Blue video icons show methods in the English style. These two common methods create the same exact end product, but appear quite different, so our basic videos are demonstrated in both methods. A third video icon shows both pink and blue, and is meant to be viewed by both types of knitters.

Which kind of knitter are you?  The most obvious difference between the methods is that the yarn is held in the left hand for Continental and the right hand for English. To learn more about the two methods, and other methods, see the description of them on the Knit and Purl pages, and try them out for yourself.


Some videos donít have sound?

Thatís right, itís not your computer. Our shortest videos were shot intentionally without sound, to be simply followed by watching.