Tuck Everlasting
Would You Want to Be 17 Forever?
Comprehension Questions
  1. Write a description of 4 of the characters introduced in this section.  Provide as much detail as possible about their physical characteristics, relationships, and personalities.
  2. What does the "touch-me-not" appearance of the cottage mean?
  3. Describe the woods next to the cottage.
  4. What amazing fact about the Tucks is revealed?
  5. Describe Mae's one special object.
  6. Why is Winnie thinking about running away?
  7. What 2 comments did Winnie's grandmother make about the music coming from the wood?
  8. What do you think the man in the yellow suit wants?
  9. What happened in the wood when Winnie went there in the morning?
  10. What do you think Mae Tuck meant when she said, "Well, boys, here it is.  The worst is happening at last"?