A Wrinkle in Time
Can Three Children Overcome the Force of It?
Section Activities

1. Similes

A simile is a comparison between two things that uses "like" or "as" to connect them. Writers use similes to create vivid pictures in readers minds.

You will look for similes as you read chapter one. Using the chart given to you in class, you will record four similes (use quotes and include the page number) and describe the image or idea the simile creates in your mind.

Simile Worksheet

The simile notes will help you complete the notes seciton on the worksheet.

2. Characterization

While you read chapters 1-2, you will complete a characterization chart for one of the main characters in the novel, Meg Murry. You will need to record ten quotes (include the page number) from the book that show how Meg is characterized.

Characterization Worksheet

3. Motivation

On page 27, Meg describes Calvin as a "big bug" which means someone who is very popular at school. Calvin, however, immediately likes Meg, who is not popular, and her strange little brother Charles Wallace. What motivates Calvin’s instant friendliness and protectiveness towards Meg and Charles when so many others openly treat them like outcasts?

Imagine that you are Calvin, and write a journal entry in which you explain what draws you to Meg and Charles Wallace-and why they make you feel like, "for the first time in [your] life," you are "going home." (Pg. 33)

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