Frog Families
What if you were born a frog?
Frogs, by Gail Gibbons
Reading and worksheet
Instructional time 40 minutes

Review the questions posted on the KWL poster. 

Pass out the Frogs worksheet

Use the book Frogs, by Gail Gibbons for a read-a-loud pausing to record information as a class in the frogs worksheet as well as on the KWL poster.

Put the page listing the frog’s body parts up on an overhead projector.  Have the students draw a frog at the end of the worksheet and label the parts.

ELA-2.I.2.2. State the purpose in reading (i. e., tell what information is sought).
ELA-2.I.2.3. Use knowledge of the author's purpose(s) to comprehend informational text.
ELA-2.I.2.5. Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.