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Sample Custom Reports and Charts

After teachers generate Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), we can compile the data into customized reports and charts that will help you design an effective professional development program. The online assessment and other tools provide a thorough analysis of how technology is being used at your school. The following examples are what we can provide our clients.

Proficiency Levels of Teachers

The assessment is in a rubric form and asks teachers what level they currently are at and where they desire to be in six months. This chart indicates where teachers are for all technology use including integration.

  • Level One indicates Personal Use
  • Level Two indicates Instructional Use
  • Level Three indicates Mentor Use

We can detail charts by percentage or by numbers of teachers. In addition, these levels can be detailed by district, by school, by grade level, or by departments.

More Detailed Proficiency Levels

We found that there are varying levels of Personal Use, so we detailed this area intro three more levels. This helps us when we design types of coaching that the teachers will need.

  • Entry indicates a Beginning or Non-User
  • Adoption indicates a Developing Personal User
  • Knowledge indicates a Personal User who is starting to use technology with students
  • Instructional indicates a Comfortable User who has students more responsible for technology projects and is more a co-learner
  • Mentor indicates a Proficient User who is able to coach other

Opportunities and Challenges at School

There are other areas in the assessment beyond the rubrics that assist us with developing your action plan. Teachers answer this confidentially which we honor. The client just receives compiled data not individual responses.

This chart shows that teachers are adamant about not having enough time to learn how to use technology with their students, but are appreciative for administrative and curriculum support.

Time seems to be a major issue at many of the schools we work with, but sometimes we are surprised how teachers respond to this poll.

List of Teachers per Opportunities

Organized Technology Classroom

  • Mary Jones
  • Bill Smith
  • Amanda Thomas

Spreadsheets in the Classroom

  • Alan Searles
  • Barbara Gonzales
  • Susan Johnson

Recommendations for Mentors

Language Arts Department

  • Bill Smith
  • Amanda Thomas

Math Department

  • Cheryl Waters
  • Mary Jones

Other Reports

  • List of Curriculum Projects by grade level, subject area, or departments
  • List of Resources teachers report as available or using with students
  • Best times for workshops or coaching sessions prioritized
  • Levels of teachers based on years teaching
  • Charts of Current Levels by Technology Areas
  • Charts of Desired Levels by Technology Areas
  • Additional charts using other assessment tools

Check out the Sample ILP.

Contact us to help you design your professional development program: info@my-ecoach or 510.635.8033

"My eCoach has been the best tool I have used. eCoach is a user-friendly, time saving, and a universal website. The best part of using eCoach is being able to design a website that enhances learning for students. In such a technology age, 8 and 9 year old students need an outlet for keeping them engaged. My eCoach provides that opportunity for my students, they are able to make the connections with real world applications, use them at school and extend their learning at home. They can talk to each other, share their experiences and what they have learned. What more can we ask for? My-eCoach does it all! "

pictureDonna Blanton
Pinellas Park Elementary - Pinellas Park, FL

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