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This is an opportunity for the Level One (Knowledge) or Level Two (Instructional Level) person who uses technology with their students and is looking for methods to organize and secure technology along with managing different group activities. When you start using technology in the classroom, you need an organized system so students can save and find their work. Set up your classroom and lessons so you are able to spend time doing real work instead of constantly trying to find your work.

to be able to organize and manage technology for different group activities and lessons
  1. create student folders
  2. save, find and retrieve work in different formats
  3. share lesson over network or online
  4. design procedures for organization, management, and security of technology in classroom
  5. develop plans to configure technology for different lessons
NCATE Standards:
3.2.1, 3.2.5, 3.2.8

ISTE Standards:
II. A., II. C, II. D, II. E, III. D, V. D

Types of Opportunities
  • three to five hour hands-on workshop in a small group with others at the same level plus a follow up coaching or
  • two hour coaching session (one-on-one) and follow-up with phone or email
An Making Order Out of Chaos or its equivalent

Our coaches can prepare your coaches to provide this service onsite for a separate fee. This eCoach opportunity can be grouped together with other opportunities in an institute with a focus on a specific curriculum area and/or grade-level or bring in our coaches to support your staff development program. Our coaches will include relevant eCoach guides as part of this opportunity or purchase guides separately.

eCoach Guides and Resources to help you meet the Objectives

  Contact us at ecoach@my-ecoach.com or call 510.635.8033.  
"Research has borne out the potential for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as an aid to educators in support of each other, and, to improve the teaching and learning environment by modeling the self-organization and self-determination that are hallmarks of independent, lifelong learners. These characteristics help to reinforce the idea that everyone at school is both a teacher and a learner. My eCoach is the best tool of which I am aware that can support these self-organized, peer-learning groups.

Without question, My eCoach is a one-of-a-kind innovation that similar Open Source tools find difficult to approximate generally because there does not exist the same level of customer service. What My eCoach has made unique, no other has come close to creating the kind of safe, scaffolding environment of this system. Although a proprietary system, My eCoach is an "open environment" with the ability to integrate other school and district tools including Open Source tools."

pictureBernice Stafford
Educational Consultant
CILC - Carlsbad, California

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