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Student Websites and Portfolios

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   This is an opportunity for the Level Two (Instructional) or Level Three (Mentor) person who wants to create a unit where students create websites. Create an area on the Internet or network for students to store their electronic portfolio of completed work, work-in-progress, resumes, and more. Create a learning environment where students take on responsbilities for different roles and the maintenance of their site or portfolio.
to be able to create a WebQuest or interactive website to use with students
  1. develop a unit where students create a site that is part of the curriculum
  2. make sure unit is aligned to content standards
  3. teach students to maintain and post information to the site
  4. develop strategies for electronic portfolios for each student
  5. teach students to import and send files in any format
  6. show students how to use plug-ins and to digitize video
  7. create methods where students create rubrics for assessment
NCATE Standards 
3.1.3,   3.1.6,   3.1.13

ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators:
 I.B II.B and C,  III.A,  C and DIV.C , V.D , VI.A

Length and Types
  • six to twelve hours hands-on workshop in a small group with others at the same level plus one or more hours follow-up online or
  • three to four hours coaching session with team of two or three plus follow-up online
Create and Design a Website or equivalent 

This eCoach opportunity can be bundled with other opportunities in an institute or staff development program with a focus on a particular curriculum area, grade-level, or project.  This opportunity can be divided into two separate workshops: student websites and electronic portfolios. Our coaches can prepare your coaches to provide any of these services onsite for a separate fee. Our coaches will include relevant eCoach guides as part of any opportunity or purchase guides separately.

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