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Guts of Multimedia

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   This is an opportunity for the Level One (Knowledge) person who uses Hyperstudio or other multimedia products to create simple stacks and wants to learn more about sound and graphics. This opportunity will have you working with the tools that make up multimedia. Sound is a big part of multimedia and many times gets glossed over. Expect to create and modify sounds as you learn about a variety of sound files. When you think about working with graphics, you can touch on so many peripherals, software, or even creating original drawings. Same with movies. This becomes an opportunity you will not want to miss.
to be able to create a multimedia project using the different tools and peripherals available
  1. record and edit sound inputted from video, tape, CD, your voice, etc.
  2. work with different types of sound files
  3. use sound, QuickTime, and graphics shareware programs
  4. record and edit QuickTime movies
  5. convert animated gifs to QuickTime
  6. work with photos, graphics, digital cameras, scanners, and other tools
  7. practice what you learned by creating a multimedia project
NCATE Standards 

ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators:
 I.B, V.A and V.C

Length and Types
  • twelve to eighteen hours hands-on workshop in a small group with others at the same level or
  • five hours coaching session with team of two or three
Hyperstudio Nuts and Bolts, Paint and Draw Toolsand Digitizing Videos or equivalent 

This eCoach opportunity can be bundled with other opportunities in an institute or staff development program with a focus on a particular curriculum area, grade-level, or project.  Our coaches can prepare your coaches to provide this service onsite for a separate fee. Our coaches will include relevant eCoach guides as part of any opportunity or purchase any guide separately.

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