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This is an opportunity for the Level One (Knowledge) or Level Two (Instructional) person who plans to teach students how to access, evaluate, and use primary or secondary sources of information. Students will need to know the best way to evaluate this information to see if it is appropriate, valid, and available for their assignment or to include as part of a project. Work with another as you practice these skills using different sites on the Internet and then share ideas in an online discussion board.

to be able to use and model information literacy skills with all resources and sources of information
  1. review copyright and ethical issues
  2. access and evaluate different sites for validity
  3. access and use primary and secondary sources of information for an activity
  4. properly cite any sources
  5. develop visual, numerical, and textual literacy skills
  6. develop an essential question and subsidiary questions about a topic
  7. review the Big6, other strategies, and Bloom's Taxonomy as a process to learn information literacy skills
  8. collaborate online to reflect on these issues, and post 2 messages to the discussion board
NCATE Standards:
1.2.6, 1.2.7, 1.3.5, 2.4.4, 2.4.6

ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators:
I.B, II.CV.D, VI.A and E

Types of Opportunities:
  1. three to five hour small or large group workshop with others at the same level and
  2. one hour minimum follow-up discussion online
Copyright, Ethical, and Equity Issues Internet Basics or equivalent

This eCoach opportunity can be bundled with other opportunities in an institute or as part of your staff development program with a focus on a particular curriculum area, grade level, or project.  Our coaches can prepare your coaches to provide this service onsite for a separate fee. We will include relevant eCoach guides as part of any opportunity or purchase any guide separately.

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