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This is an opportunity for the Level One (Knowledge Level) or Level Two (Instructional) person who is interested in using software to brainstorm, develop concept maps and design flowcharts. Inspiration is an amazing program that is easy but powerful to use. Do you use post-its for brainstorming or sketch your ideas? Inspiration is similar to using virtual post-its but much more. All your ideas can be exported to other programs so you can expand on your thoughts. Create an activity using Inspiration that you can use with your students. Review curriculum and align activity to content standards.

to be able to use Inspiration for brainstorming, concept mapping, and flow charts
  1. create links and symbols
  2. brainstorm using RapidFire
  3. hide links
  4. cluster symbols
  5. add new categories
  6. change symbols using palette and other images
  7. add notes and URLs to symbols
  8. review and use templates
  9. work in outline view
  10. export outline or diagram to other programs
  11. create an activity to use with students
NCATE Standards:
1.2.4, 2.4.3, 2.4.9

ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators:
I.A., III. A. and IIIC., V.C. and V.D.

Types of Opportunities:
  • five to six hour hands-on small group workshop with others at the same level or
  • two hour coaching session one-on-one or team of two with follow-up session
Using DrawTools and Managing My Desktop or its equivalent

This eCoach opportunity is best bundled together with other opportunities in an institute with a focus on a particular curriculum area, grade level, or projects or as coaching as part of your staff development program. Inspiration works well as a brainstorming tool for writing or presentation projects. We can work with your coaches so they can offer this opportunity onsite at a separate fee. Our coaches will include relevant eCoach guides as part of any opportunity or purchase any guide separately.

eCoach Guides and Resources to help you meet the Objectives






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"I found that taking the time to reflect and write about what I have done for the past month inspiring. I am able to look at the progress my students have made and celebrate their learning."

pictureMichele Farthing
Special Education Teacher
Highlands Middle School - Kennewick, WA

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