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Create a Slide Show using Draw Tools

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This is an opportunity for the Level One (Knowledge Level) person who is proficient with draw tools and wants to create a slide show. Take a lesson or idea and convert it to a slide show with this versatile program that allows you to use the word processor and draw on the same page. Each page can then be compiled in a group of pages to become your slide show.

to be able to create a simple presentation using AppleWorks
  1. plan and storyboard ideas
  2. develop outline or content for slide show
  3. import images
  4. apply designs, font styles and colors for all slides
  5. create transitions
  6. import animations, video, or sound
  7. apply basic instructional design principles
  8. connect computer to TV or projector for presentation
NCATE Standards:
1.2.2, 2.4.2, 2.4.7

ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators:
I.A., V. C. and D.

Types of Opportunities:
  1. five to six hour hands-on small group workshop with others at the same level or
  2. two hour coaching sessions one-on-one with follow-up session
Using DrawTools and Managing My Desktopor its equivalent

This eCoach opportunity can be grouped together with other opportunities in an institute that focuses on a particular curriculum area, grade level, or project or as coaching as part of your staff development program. Our coaches will include relevant eCoach guides as part of any opportunity or purchase guides separately.

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