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Why do I Need to Use Technology?

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This coaching session is for the Level One (Entry Level) person who may or may not know why or how technology can benefit them. This one or two hour one-on-one session with a coach who listens and cares may be just what you need to help you figure out if and how you can use technology.

to develop realistic goals for technology use


  1. meet with coach to assess skill level and discuss what resources currently using
  2. review individual learning plan
  3. develop goals that are realistic for timeline

Length and Type

  1. one to two hours with one-on-one coaching
  2. face-to-face onsite and follow-up by phone

Our coaches have the skills and the patience to work with the most fearful user. As we work with your teachers, administrators, or employees, we gently guide them to become confident in their ability to use technology. We infuse humor as we guide each participant along their journey to become comfortable with using technology. Our coaches can work with your mentors so they can provide this service.




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