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These are all available My eCoach® Opportunities.

You can also see the Opportunities by level.

  1. Why do I need to Use Technology?
  2. YES, I CAN Use Technology
  3. Basic Computer Operations
  4. Basic Computer Use Skills Reinforcement
  5. Making Order out of Chaos: Managing my Desktop
  6. An Organized Technology Classroom
  7. Classroom Management for Technology Use
  8. Technology, Management and Collaboration
  9. Troubleshooting Tips
  10. Tech Leaders’ Workshop
  11. Take a Memo and Letter
  12. Make Your Own Forms and Tests
  13. Technology and the Writing Process
  14. Make a Rubric using Tables
  15. Create a Newsletter with WP (Part 1)
  16. Create a Newsletter with WP (Part 2)
  17. Using Word to Create Internet Workshops or Task Sheets
  18. MS Word Tips and Tricks
  19. Create a Simple Flyer
  20. Capturing Images with Digital Camera, Scanner, and the Internet
  21. Paint and Draw Tools
  22. Create a Minibook
  23. Create a Newsletter or Brochure with Draw Tools
  24. Develop a Student Newsletter Project
  25. Create a PowerPoint Presentation
  26. Create a Kid Pix Slide Show
  27. Create an AppleWorks Slide Show
  28. Be Inspired with Inspiration
  29. Effective Professional Presentations
  30. Develop Student Presentations
  31. Creating Charts and Graphs
  32. Data in Any Form or Template
  33. And What Does that Data Represent?
  34. Create a Digital Rolodex and Mailing Labels
  35. Customized Reports and Merged Letters
  36. Student Created Databases
  37. Email Me and I’ll Email You
  38. Student Email Projects
  39. Collaborative Email Projects
  40. Copyright, Ethical, and Equity Issues
  41. Information Literacy Skills
  42. Internet Basics
  43. Internet Research and Projects
  44. Develop a Student Resource Site
  45. Active Viewing Strategies
  46. Video Production Techniques (in-camera editing)
  47. Clay Animation Videos
  48. Digitizing Videos and QuickTime VR
  49. Develop Student Video Projects
  50. Hyperstudio Nuts and Bolts
  51. Hyperstudio and More
  52. Guts of Multimedia
  53. Create a Curriculum Multimedia Unit
  54. Student Multimedia Projects
  55. Student Collaborative Multimedia Projects
  56. Create and Design a Website
  57. Create a Curriculum Site
  58. Create a WebQuest or Interactive Website
  59. Student Websites and Portfolios
  60. Collaborative WebQuest Projects