Moliere's theatre

The importance of servants in the plays by moliere

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the entrance doors to "La Comedie Francaise." September 28 2007

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:French Litterature of the 17th century
Themes: comedy in the plays by moliere
Curriculum Areas:Foreign Language
Grade Level(s):12
California Content Standards
English and Language Arts
Grade Twelve
ELA.12.1.0. Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development
Vocabulary and Concept Development
ELA.12.1.1. Trace the etymology of significant terms used in political science and history.
ELA.12.1.3. Discern the meaning of analogies encountered, analyzing specific comparisons as well as relationships and inferences.
ELA.12.2.0. Writing Applications (Genres and Their Characteristics)
ELA.12.2.2. Write responses to literature:
a. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the significant ideas in works or passages.
b. Analyze the use of imagery, language, universal themes, and unique aspects of the text.
c. Support important ideas and viewpoints through accurate and detailed references to the text and to other works.
d. Demonstrate an understanding of the author's use of stylistic devices and an appreciation of the effects created.
e. Identify and assess the impact of perceived ambiguities, nuances, and complexities within the text.
ELA.12.2.4. Write historical investigation reports:
a. Use exposition, narration, description, argumentation, exposition, or some combination of rhetorical strategies to support the main proposition.
b. Analyze several historical records of a single event, examining critical relationships between elements of the research topic.
c. Explain the perceived reason or reasons for the similarities and differences in historical records with information derived from primary and secondary sources to support or enhance the presentation.
d. Include information from all relevant perspectives and take into consideration the validity and reliability of sources.
e. Include a formal bibliography.

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