Modern Dance Divas

Who influenced the creation of modern dance the most ?

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Charlotte Nehm

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Yoruba Ceremonial Mask

Curriculum Snapshot:
Themes: Dance Pioneers
Isadora Duncan
Katherine Dunham
Loie Fuller
Martha Graham
Modern Dance
Ruth St. Denis
Curriculum Areas:Performing Arts
Grade Level(s):10
California Content Standards
Physical Education
Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge
Standard 1. The student will be competent in many movement activities.
Standard 2. The student will understand how and why one moves in a variety of situations and will use this information to enhance his or her skills.
Social Development
Standard 6. The student will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities. The student will understand the importance of respect for all others.
Standard 7. The student will understand the interrelationship between history and culture and games, sports, play, and dance.

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